About Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS)

Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS), such as the Simplylearn Learning Platform allow teachers and training providers to create online training courses which can then be delivered to anyone anywhere in the world. Key services that LCMS's provide, include:

  • Student management
  • Provision of learning materials
  • Communication tools
  • Course administration

Although not a specific requirement, in practice LCMS's always make extensive use of computers and the Internet, see Wikipedia to find out more about LCMS's.

In addition, LCMS's can support multiple courses, enabling students and instructors in a given organisation (and across multiple sites and organisations) to enjoy a seamless experience within a familiar e-learning framework when subscribing to more than one course. LCMS's may also include elements such as:

  • Quizzes and/or formal assessment
  • Online Course Authoring and communication tools
  • Course syllabus
  • Administrative controls
  • Teaching materials
  • Student registration
  • Tracking