About the Simplylearn LCMS

Simplylearn is an online Learning Content Management System (LCMS), developed around the specific needs of today's learners, organisations and training providers. It's engineered to offer the highest levels of usability, flexibility and functionality needed by our customers. At Simplylearn, we believe that e-learning should be:

  • Convenient and engaging
  • Flexible and intuitive
  • Widely available
  • Interactive, relevant and usable
  • User-centred
  • Cost effective

In a world of increasingly high expectation and professional demands, e-learning is fast becoming commonplace for users, employers and providers to manage and assess the learning process. Using the latest online technologies, Simplylearn allows online course authoring and provides administrators with a suite of easy to use online learning tools to monitor the performance of all course subscribers. Consistent delivery of information across today's most popular platforms and web browsers ensures Simplylearn's wide availability.

The Simplylearn Learning Platform means that there are no specialised software or technical requirements, no need for in-house support and no geographical restrictions. Above all, there are none of the associated costs.

Simplylearn is capable of delivering almost any type of course. Whether used in an industrial, commercial, retail, public or academic context, Simplylearn providesa fast, secure and flexible learning environment that generates positive results for all of its users.