Latest Simplylearn LCMS Features

Our commitment to the continued development of the Simplylearn Learning Platform means that we undertake regular system updates. There are no additional fees for system updates. Incorporating new LCMS features means that we are able to stay ahead of other learning content management systems in e-Learning delivery, offering existing customers exciting new features and refine existing system features.

Watch this page to find out more about the latest system upgrades.

Simplylearn Learning Platform New Features include
Simplylearn Learning Content Management System Latest System Features
  • Sticky notes
    Add one or more stickies with your notes on to pages on your course.
  • System Branding
    You can now brand the system homepage and up to five courses.
  • Uploadable Assignments
    Choose between multiple choice, multiple answer and download/upload assignments.
  • Assignment Scoring
    Grade download/upload assignments manually, individually or with joint average.
  • Quiz Question Options
    Select from a range of options to present your automated quizzes in your online training course.