Online Learning Platform Options

Simplylearn offer a number of key online learning tools to ensure that your e-learning course appears as you need it to.

Branding is available for the homepage and for individual courses. Homepage branding enables you to include your logo on the student's homepage and up to 5 courses. This provides complete branding continuity if students access the system straight from your website. Alternatively, individual course branding is also available.

It is possible to republishing one of your existing online training courses on Simplylearn and contextualise it for a specific client. It is possible to republish a course, remove chapters or modules, add new pages and change existing pages. This feature is of particular interest to training organisations that wish to deliver bespoke variants of their courses to clients. The ability to contextualise key pages, examples, resources and links enables rapid deployment of your online e-learning course.

If you need the Simplylearn learning content management system to integrate with an existing MIS or require a level of bespoke functionality talk to us about your requirements and our technical department will explore the possible options.

Call 01543 264929 or email us and we'll be happy to help you find the best solution.

  • System Branding
  • Online Course Branding
  • Online Course Republishing
  • Bespoke Simplylearn Plugins