Administering Your e-Learning Course

The power of a Learning Content Management System is only realised when a system administrator is able to analyse course and learner data. Simplylearn equips course administrators with a suite of online learning tools, including a powerful reporting tool, within the learning platform that provide user and group feedback.

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From summaries right down to detailed management information, the reporting facilities allow administrators to measure the value of e-learning courses, staff development and return on investment in addition to providing an interactive audit trail for continued professional development purposes.

Other Simplylearn administration tools facilitate licence management, user and tutor management, certification and licencee preferences.

Simplylearn Learning Platform Special Features include
Simplylearn Learning Content Management System Special Features for Administrators
  • Identical functionality to Simplylearn tutors
  • A web based reporting interface
  • Email reporting option with CSV documents
  • The ability to modify the look & feel of the course
  • Course toolbar management
  • Tutor management
  • Course license management
  • The ability to nominate secondary administrators
  • Course preference management