Online Course Authoring

Unlike some systems, Simplylearn users benefit from the ease with which they can create online training courses. There is no need for expensive, platform specific, specialised software. Course authoring within Simplylearn couldn't be easier. Using our unique suite of online learning tools, authors can rapidly create and publish their education material as exciting e-learning courses.

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The Simplylearn learning platform enables authors to customise and build client specific versions of their existing courses. Based on popular Internet technologies, Simplylearn is able to accommodate a range of industry standard plugins such as Flash and Flash Video.

Simplylearn Learning Platform Special Features include
Simplylearn Learning Content Management System Special Features for Authors
  • Cross platform, browser based authoring tool
  • Course resource management facilities
  • Interoperability with 3rd party technologies
  • A multi function assessment engine
  • Linear, shuffled or timed question sessions
  • Assigning course progression pass marks
  • A range of content panels inc. question & tip boxes
  • Creating post, module, chapter & course quizzes
  • The ability to reuse existing chapters & modules
  • An extensive question bank facility
  • Incorporating images, flash & streamed video
  • Rapid alteration and republishing of courses
  • Simple course creation and management
  • Powerful link and resource management
  • Assignment uploads facilities