Studying on Your e-Learning Course

Simplylearn Learning Content Management System makes it possible for users to access and interact with interesting and engaging course content by providing an easy to use interface within the learning platform to navigate their course.

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Simplylearn users each have their own personal account where they can access a range of facilities, including; courses, the help centre and their personal details. Within the course, learners benefit from an extensive suite of online learning tools enabling them to get the most out of their online e-learning experience.

Simplylearn Learning Platform Special Features include
Simplylearn Learning Content Management System Special Features for Users
  • An intuitive, feature rich user interface
  • Notepad with save facility
  • Course resources & links
  • Tutor contact facility
  • Course specific forums
  • Self registration
  • Registration with manager approval
  • Progress indicator
  • Course quizzes with results pages
  • User and course homepages