Using Simplylearn's Learning Platform

Simplylearn has been purpose built to allow course authors to create online training courses and deliver high quality, interactive e-learning material to the widest possible audience.

The online, browser based learning platform fully supports learners, tutors, administrators and course providers and allows access, through a suite of simple to use online learning tools developed by Simplylearn, to a wide audience without the need for expensive or unfamiliar software. Simplylearn is a global, low-cost, accessible, enterprise class solution available to today's learners, tutors and course providers. Simplylearn's key features include:

Simplylearn Learning Platform Special Features include
Simplylearn Learning Content Management General Information
  • An intuitive, feature rich interface
  • Course structure continuity
  • Compliant with all popular browsers
  • Usable within all popular browsers
  • Independence from bespoke software
  • Internet based delivery
  • Compliance with W3C and Web Exact standards
  • Secure user log in with password reminder
  • Interoperability with 3rd party technologies
  • Regular system updates
  • An online help centre
  • An integral course building facility